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UBC offers a wide range of learning opportunities for its community members. Browse our catalogue for learning opportunities geared at your personal and professional growth.

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Courses offered by HRIS.

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Managing at UBC

Managing at UBC is a program designed to support new managers in their first year, recognizing the significant responsibility they hold for employee performance and engagement and achievement of unit goals.

On Ourselves

Our relationship with self is the most important relationship that shapes our learning. Each of us is formed by our beliefs, values, and life experiences that strongly influence how we see ourselves. This tacit knowledge of ourselves, which determines what we do, learn, and undertake, can expand or limit our endeavours.

Just as looking in a mirror offers us a reflection of ourselves, the self category of workshops is designed to provide opportunities for us to become aware of what we understand about ourselves and how this impacts our reality. Whether we choose to change something or not, knowing why we do what we do allows us to see the world as a place where choices are possible.

On Roles and Responsibilities

Our relationship with the role(s) and responsibilities we have at work is one of the most visible relationships that shapes our learning. Here we are seeking the skills and knowledge we need to acquire or enhance so we can play our part and contribute according to the standards of our position.

The role category of workshops is designed to provide opportunities for us to become aware of what common practices are shared by people having similar roles as well as what changes we can make to increase our effectiveness and to perform our jobs to the best of our ability.

About Our Programs

About Our Programs

PD @ UBC offers at-cost professional development workshops geared to enhance and improve your effectiveness at work, as well as to support your career and personal development. Workshops are open to the community, with discounts available for UBC faculty and staff.

Healthy UBC programming includes workshops, trainings and large-scale events aimed at increasing and promoting the wellbeing of faculty and staff as well as the development of healthy work environments.

Managing@UBC is a year-long self-directed program designed to support managers at UBC. The program is individually tailored to meet each managers needs and recognizes the significant responsibility they hold for employee performance, engagement, and the achievement of unit goals.

Staff Pension Plan is an important part of your overall compensation and plays an important role in your future. The sooner you join the plan, the greater your retirement income will be. Register for a workshop to learn more about your pension benefits and how the pension plan works.

Human Resource Management System (HRMS) is one of several major university business systems and is the primary source of information for faculty, staff, and student employees in managing HR/salary administration, benefits administration, payroll, position management, recruitment, and workflow rules administration. HRMS courses provide hands-on and lecture-style training for HRMS modules.