Healthy Eating for the Holidays - HP031

As we all anticipate the festivities of the holiday season, we conjure up images of fun and frivolity with family, friends and coworkers and we all have our favorite recipes or treats that we equate with the holidays.

But what about our resolutions for 2012, that include adopting or maintaining a healthier lifestyle? Will holiday foods 'fit'? Can we survive the holidays without expanding our waistlines? What constitutes healthy holiday eating and will my family and friends enjoy changes to family recipes and traditions?

Attend this session for a holiday eating SOS. A good defense is the best offence and Sharon will review healthy eating tips and provide healthier options for some of our typical holiday meals and party fare.

Discover of how some foods and drinks are hidden culprits for the weight gains that can persist after all the decorations are stored for another year. Sharon will help you to raise your holiday nutrition IQ with some simple tips to survive your holiday eating!

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