Thriving with Art Workshop-Jackson Pollock - HP044

Are you an art lover but too timid to pick up a brush? Maybe you used to paint but can no longer seem to find the time. Art is increasingly being used as a method for stress busting and mental resiliency so join us at the 4 Cat's Art Studio for a painting workshop that will let your creative juices flow.

This seminar will be a guided Jackson Pollock paint splatter workshop. Pollock changed his paint colours based on his mood and would drip, splatter or splash paints across his canvases. Each person will choose their own colours and create their own painting, as well as have the chance to contributing to a larger group painting. No experience is required and all levels are welcome.

Paint smocks will be provided but please wear pants that you are prepared to get paint on.

Please note that this session is open to UBC staff, faculty and post docs.

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