Catering to your Health - HP059

We all attend different meetings and events at UBC that offer free food. So how do you choose what's really "healthy" for you when the choices have already been determined? Or how do you provide healthy options when you're the one organizing the catering? Through altering our catering habits at UBC's events and meetings, we have limitless possibilities for influencing our community's health and success.

What steps can you take to maintain and support healthy choices, without making you the hated person who took away the cookies at meetings? How do you choose healthy options when you're sometimes surrounded by plates of foods that will give you the dreaded sugar crash in the afternoon?

Suzanne Jolly, UBC¿s Health Promotion Coordinator, shares with you practical ideas for you to choose healthier options at catered events, and how to cater your events in ways that support the University¿s goals in helping staff and faculty (and students) be healthier and happier.

In this interactive workshop, you¿ll review the current options, incorporate new techniques and walk away with tools to being healthier. Even if you¿re not the person doing the catering order, Suzanne will give you some ideas on how to eat healthier at UBC.

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