THF-Naturopathic Functional Physical - HP070

This assessment will be 30 minutes long.

This Health Assessment will include: a brief history of your current health status followed by a Naturopathic physical assessment. We will then provide a brief Naturopathic treatment protocol.

Examples of what is included in the physical assessment include: Blood pressure measurement.

A zinc tally test to show whether or not a person is deficient in zinc that could compromise immune function and also indicate either insufficient dietary intake of nutrients or reduced absorptive function of nutrients in the intestinal tract.

Pupillary reflex will be assessed. This is another measure of adrenal health.

Tongue assessment to gauge the status of the digestive tract.

Nail health assessed to give information of multiple systems including mineral status. Capillary refill of finger tips observed to check for possible anemia.

Treatment ideas could include:

Brief dietary suggestions

Follow-up lab work recommendations

If indicated, a simple supplement/herbal prescription

An information sheet with all suggestions documented

Learn about how Naturopathic medicine can assist unique individuals in achieving optimal health and wellness.

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