Travelling Health Fair 2016 - HP184

Upcoming Health Fairs:

February 24 - Located at Student Housing & Hospitality (SHHS) Marine Drive Commons Block Ballroom (Point Grey)

February 25 - Located in the Alumni Centre 2nd Floor Classrooms (Point Grey)

Past Health Fairs:

February 10 - Henry Angus Building Room 254 (Point Grey)

February 16 - Childcare Services (Point Grey)

February 17 - Diamond Health Care Centre (DHCC) at VGH Room 9299

February 18 - Located at Brock Hall Main Concourse (Point Grey)

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Take a Breather: Lung Health!

Right now, as you are reading this, notice your breathing? Are you slumped forward, tensed up or taking shallow breaths? Do you have a lung condition? Each of us takes about 22,000 breaths each day, usually without even realizing it, and most of us are not breathing properly.

Effective breathing and healthy lungs starts with knowledge! The 2016 UBC Traveling Health Fair gives you the opportunity to learn about breathing and the lungs, check your lung health, be aware of lung health risks and create a personalized action plan for your optimal lung health. Everyone is welcome and those with breathing issues, conditions or concerns are encouraged to attend.

Please Note: One health reading at this event involves a non-invasive device placed on a fingertip for a short time. Dark coloured nail polish may interfere with the results of this reading.

As part of this FREE health fair you will receive:

  • A lung health check up,

  • Information about breathing and the lungs,

  • Lunch health risk factor information, and

  • A personalized action plan for optimal lung health.

    UBC's Health, Wellbeing and Benefits team will also be on hand to provide resources, information and freebies!

    Appointments are available every 15 minutes and the screening last approximately 15-20 minutes.

    All participants will receive a Health Passport in which you will receive confidential and individual results. These results will be interpreted by licensed Registered Pharmacists assisted by Pharmacy students in order to assess risk and make recommendations to improve health and lifestyle factors.

    The UBC Health Wellbeing and Benefits team will also be on hand to provide resources, information and freebies!

    NOTE: If you do not see any available time-slots, they are all full. If you would like to be added to a general wait-list (date only, not time), please email

    This event is made possible by a partnership with the Pharmacists Clinic-UBC Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

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