The Working Mind: Workplace Mental Health Training for Managers - HP238

Established by the Mental Health Commission of Canada, the Working Mind is an evidence-based training program designed to address and promote mental health and reduce stigma in a workplace setting. It includes scenario-based practical applications, custom videos of people with lived experience of mental illness, participant reference guides, and related handouts. The program is available in two versions: one for managers and one for employees.

Audience: Managers, supervisors and people leaders.

Time: Full day training (7.5 hours); please bring your own snacks/lunch

Participants will:

  • Learn about the basic concepts, risk factors and causes of mental illness and mental disorders
  • Gain the confidence, tools and resources to manage and support employees who may be experiencing mental health problems or illness
  • Learn about the Mental Health Continuum Model, how to observe changes in employees along the continuum, and how to take appropriate action
  • Learn about workplace accommodations and return to work services
  • Learn how to communicate with employees about mental health illness in a workplace context
  • Build their mental health literacy to help recognize, manage and prevent mental health challenges in the workplace
  • For more information about the program, please visit:

    This session will be facilitated by Miranda Massie, Health Promotion Specialist for staff and faculty in UBC's Human Resources Department. Miranda is a certified Working Mind trainer through the Mental Health Commission of Canada.

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