Appreciative Leadership Program - ALD

Are you ready to grow your leadership potential?

Discover and plan your path forward with the Appreciative Leadership Development Program!

The Appreciative Leadership Program is for and about you: how you develop and use your leadership skills and how you bring out the best in those around you. It gives you space, time and support to mobilize your own creative potential - along with the insight, skill and confidence to unleash positive power among those you lead

Participants in this workshop will be introduced to and develop the five essential appreciative leadership skills:

1. Inquiry into strengths, values and positive possibilities

2. Inclusion of others in co-creating the future;

3.Illumination of the best of people and situations;

4.Inspiring hope for the future;

5. Demonstrating relational integrity.

*Depending on which UBC employee group you belong to, you may be eligible to access one of several professional development funding programs for this workshop. The PD funding programs are designed to support eligible UBC staff members who are interested in pursuing learning opportunities that will enhance their professional knowledge and work performance. For information about the UBC PD funding programs, including guidelines and application procedures, click here

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