Sit-Stand Desks & Platforms - ER004

Sit-Stand Desks: What you need to know before you purchase

This workshop will provide participants with important information about different types of sit-stand desks and platforms available on the market. Understanding the pros and cons of each will assist departments, staff and faculty in deciding which option is most suitable.

Product samples will be available for participants to try out in order to get an idea of how the different models impact positioning and workflow.

Workshop participants will also learn proper set-up for sit-stand desks and how frequently to alternate positions. Participants will receive information on UBC's Sit-Stand Demo Program and process.

This workshop is for managers, purchasing personnel and staff/faculty who are considering getting a sit-stand desk or platform.

This workshop will be offered once per month on the 6th floor of TEF3 (6190 Agronomy Rd).