Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator Training - HP140

This training will be returning in Summer 2015. For more information contact colin.hearne@ubc.ca

UBC Health, Wellbeing and Benefits recognizes the growing interest from our community in exploring mindfulness meditation practice and its positive impacts to wellbeing. As a unit, we strive to support pathways to increase personal resiliency, self-awareness and stress management for UBC staff and faculty. In encouraging the development of individual strengths and coping strategies, we can build more resilient and healthy, sustainable work environments.

This is a 2 hour session designed to prepare Facilitators so they are equipped to facilitate ongoing meditation practice sessions. Such facilitation can range from settling a group in and listening to a recording to conducting guided meditations.Participants will be provided with best practices, printed meditation scripts, and audio recordings.

Goals of this course:

To prepare facilitators with best practices and suggestions so they can organize and conduct ongoing practice sessions at UBC.

To empower facilitators to lead sessions for others. Some facilitators will bring their own expertise, but there is no expectation that they must call themselves a `meditation teacher or answer difficult questions that participants may ask.

Participation pre-requisite:

To ensure a proper foundation in the content and course material, all facilitator training participants must have completed at least one of the following:

UBCs Mindfulness@Work six week program

UBCs Learn to Meditate four week course

Cost: FREE

Post-training expectations: Upon completion of the Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator Training, all participants will be added to a roster to facilitate on-going mindfulness and meditation drop-in sessions for UBC staff and faculty. There is the expectation that participants will commit to a minimum of one year as part of this facilitator network that will run both drop-in sessions and be available to facilitate for individual department and unit requests.

For more information contact colin.hearne@ubc.ca

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