Wellbeing Series - Part 1: Self-Care 101 - HP220

This is the first session of a three-part wellbeing series. Check out Part 2: Building Resilience and Part 3: Workplace Wellbeing.

We don't always take the time to care for and nurture ourselves and we sometimes require support to integrate relaxation and our personal needs into daily life. This session will focus on increasing mental health literacy through self-care for individuals.

Participants will learn about the body's stress response and how to identify these responses in themselves. They will have an opportunity to take a stress index, explore what self-care means to them and identify key UBC resources that can be engaged to support work life integration and positive mental health.

Participants will:

  • Learn and understand the concept of self-care;
  • Learn and understand the stress response and how to recognize it in themselves;
  • Explore their own self-care and identify strategies that currently work or could be applied; and

  • Learn about supportive resources that are available at UBC.
  • All staff, faculty, and postdoctoral fellows are welcome.

    This session will be facilitated by Miranda Massie, Health Promotion Specialist for staff and faculty in UBC's Human Resource Department.

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