Appreciative Inquiry: A Way to Generate and Nurture Effective Work Environments - AI

About this workshop

In our intention to make things better, we very often pick up on the things that don't work: problems, wrong behaviours, errors, and try to fix them. Our lives become filled with problems to solve, one after the other, and we don't see the end of them. Meanwhile, it becomes increasingly difficult to notice or appreciate what works well; and because these well-working things don't need fixing, they simply lose their importance.

With Appreciative Inquiry we learn to shift our approach to change by focusing on creating what we want rather than eliminating what we don't want. We learn to ask questions (or to inquire) in order to explore creative possibilities (appreciative).

Learning Outcomes

Using a variety of formats such as paired interviews, small group exercises and video, you will:

  1. Explore the key principles of Appreciative Inquiry
  2. Learn simple ways to shift from a focus on problem solving to one of possibility creating
  3. Pay attention to the role of language/words to phrase appreciative questions
  4. Identify ways to apply the appreciative inquiry approach in your workplace


The session is designed for individuals who are intrigued by the statement that `we give power to the things we pay attention to', and are wanting to find practical ways to exercise personal agency to make a positive difference in the workplace.

Professional Development

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About the facilitator:

Maura Da Cruz brings extensive experience to her work in organizational development, program design and leadership development. She has successfully facilitated leadership, team effectiveness, strategic planning, and diversity-related programs for a wide spectrum of work groups ranging from managers, leaders in formal and informal positions and front-line staff. Maura uses a collaborative and asset-based approach in her consulting work with clients and has been directly involved in several cultural change initiatives at UBC, using a appreciative inquiry processes to build momentum for sustained success. Maura uses a multidimensional and holistic approach to coach leaders, managers, and individuals in transition to reach their professional goals while creating vibrant and fulfilling lives.

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