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About The Coaching@UBC Coaching Internship Program

Coaching@UBC is now accepting applications for the 2019-2020 Coaching Internship Program Successful candidates will receive funding towards the completion of an ICF Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) at an institution of their choice.

Coaching@UBCs 1:1 professional coaching services is now 15 years old. Since then, over 2000 UBC employees have accessed our award winning program. To meet the continued increased demand for coaching , we are offering the opportunity to UBC employees to become Credentialed Coaches and supporting them with funding. In the last three years, we have supported over 20 faculty and staff in their pursuit of becoming a certified Coach and we are looking to add more interns to our program.

  • Have you ever considered becoming a Coach?
  • Wonder what being a Coach Intern entails?
  • What are the requirements to apply?
  • Why would you want to apply?
  • Is this opportunity for me?

For answers to these questions and many others, please come to an information session.

Why apply for a Coach Internship Program?

"Being an intern brought me into the UBC coaching community with access to educational resources, clinical tools, and experienced colleagues. The intern position increased my learning and comfort taking on a coaching role."
- Barbara Gobis - Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

"Being an intern at Coaching@UBC, while taking my Coaching Program, proved to be invaluable. It provided me with knowledgeable interactions with experienced coaches. I was also able to participate in the monthly meetings that covered several applicable subjects that helped to complement my learning "
- Andrea Esteves - Faculty of Dentistry

About the presenter

Catharine Chang joined UBC in 1997 and worked in a Human Resources managerial capacity with what was formerly known as Land & Building Services and UBC Library prior to her current role as Program Manager for the Coaching@UBC Program. Catharine discovered coaching when she was transitioning into a managerial role after returning from her one year maternity leave. Coaching changed the way she conducted herself in work and life and eight years after her first exposure to coaching, she became a Certified Coach through the Coaches Training Institute and was a successful applicant for Coaching@UBC's Coach Internship Program. She is an Internal Coach with an ICF credential of Professional Certified Coach and also holds a CPHR designation (Chartered Professional in Human Resources).