Practical Money Management - HP060

Creating a plan to manage your money is a sound way to achieve the goals you want in life, whether it be a house, travel, education or retirement. The quote "failing to plan is planning to fail" does apply to the process of managing personal finances.

In this session join Money Coach Melanie Buffel to learn to manage and control finances, reinforce good habits, build new ones and create a practical money management system. Topics will include creating a spending and savings plan to achieve your goals and how to achieve debt freedom.

About the Presenter:

Melanie Buffel is an independent Money Coach offering unbiased financial advice and coaching. She has a BA in Psychology and an MBA with a focus on community finance. Melanie's experience as a single mother inspired her to take more control of her money and her life and led to this extremely fulfilling career helping others do the same! Melanie has spent the last seventeen years encouraging her clients to clear the money fog and take control of their cash. She coaches her clients to establish powerful goals and create simple, practical money management systems to stay on track. Its about finding the balance, in the numbers and in your life, living fully in the present and planning for your fabulous future.