Thrive 2014 - Zumba: Thrive Wrap-Up Celebration - HP119

This year, to celebrate Thrive, we will be hosting our 2nd 'mega' Zumba class with UBC Rec to wrap up the week of activities.

This event aims to promote social connectedness and self-efficacy, as well as nurture a sense of belonging and empowerment. As a result, participants will have the opportunity to experience elevated mood, clearer thinking capabilities and improved self-esteem. Physical activity is one of the largest preventive factors against chronic physical illness and, chronic conditions are a risk factor for poor mental health.

Students, staff and faculty are invited to participate in this fun and inclusive event. Please wear comfortable clothing. Wear yellow to support Thrive!

PS The event will include lots of FREE snacks!

NB: You do not have to register to attend