Parenting Tips: How to talk to your kids about sexual health - HP129

Suitable for parents of children pre-school age and up.

The prospect of talking to your children about sex and sexual health can be a difficult one, often made more challenging by personal discomfort, shame, or educational background. This conversation does not have to be feared or avoided. Why not arm yourself with knowledge, age appropriate information and fantastic resources?

At this session, you will learn how to speak to your children about comprehensive body science and sexual health information and how to start and continue this lifelong discussion. You will also take away a helpful formula for answering questions and learn about some fantastic resources for both parents and for children of any age. Help provide your children with the tools to keep themselves safe and to make healthy and informed decisions.

This session will be facilitated by Miranda Massie a Certified Sexual Health Educator and volunteer contraception counsellor with Options for Sexual Health. Miranda is also the Health Promotion Specialist for staff and faculty in UBC's Human Resource Department.