Digestive Health Series - Part 3: Feelings & Fibre - HP143

Part 3 of Healthy UBC's Fall Digestive Health series with Dr. Thara Vayali

In this session, attendees will learn how the nervous system in your guts has a mind of its own, but it is also in cahoots with your brain. Learn the real reason that mood, food & stool affect each other, and how the varying types of fibre can assist then leave with 4 simple diet & lifestyle ideas to achieve a blissful belly.

About the Presenter:About the Presenter :Thara Vayali is a Naturopathic Doctor & Yoga Teacher in Vancouver, UBC alumnus; and popular guest contributor to our Healthy UBC Newsletter who specialises in intestinal and immune health, hormones, and pain-free bodies. For more information about Thara visit: www.changenaturalmedicine.com