Eldercare 101: Caring for Your Aging Parents - HP145

Whether you care for aging parents in your own home, or manage eldercare plans from a distance, knowing where to go for reliable guidance and answers can be difficult.

Join us for an informative 1-hour session on care planning and management facilitated by Home to Home, a seniors advisory and assistance business based in Vancouver, BC.

Participants will learn:

  • How to develop an eldercare roadmap to plan for parents' housing and care needs as they age;
  • Why you need to plan in advance and how to help avoid crisis;
  • How to navigate the public and private healthcare and housing systems and make the most of your resources and budget;
  • How to access and understand the key differences between public and private services;
  • How to demystify terminology to understand the various levels and types of care in senior residences;
  • Budgeting for elder care;
  • Legal considerations to plan for as parents age such as getting legal affairs in order to avoid unexpected future complications;
  • Considerations for keeping aging parents together as their individual needs in aging and health care evolve in different ways;
  • Relevant eldercare planning information to assist with informed decision making, reducing stress and anxiety; and
  • Greater awareness of eldercare options and resources available.

    For more information visit: www.home-to-home.ca/