Nutrition vs Nourishment with Dr Thara Vayali - HP155

Location Change: This session will now be held at Centre for Brain Health Room 101

Part 3 of our Debunking the Diet Series with Dr Thara Vayali

Superfoods are everywhere. Eat this, for that. How much? How long? For what end? Find out the components of nourishment, and learn the merits of 10 superfoods. Leave with 3 tools that help you shift from calories/nutrient counting into feeling nourished and making the most out of your food choices.

About the Presenter:Thara Vayali is a Naturopathic Doctor & Yoga Teacher in Vancouver and ia also a UBC alumnus. She is obsessed with intestinal and immune health, hormones, and pain-free bodies.For more information about Thara visit: