Balanced & Bright Cleanse: A 3-week Naturopathic Life & Diet Plan - HP159

A 3-part Series from UBC Health, Wellbeing & Benefits and Dr. Thara Vayali, ND.

June 2, 9 & 16, 2016

Join Naturopathic Doctor, Yoga Teacher, UBC alumnus, and Healthy UBC Newsletter contributor Dr. Thara Vayali to kick-start your cleanse in a 3-part Cleanse Series this June.

Small changes over time make a big difference. Mindfulness, eating, and movement goals, supported with health education, discussion, and community.

Become empowered, inspired and informed. Make change for the better.

Each week participants will:

  • Begin with a 10 minute guided mindfulness session;

  • Discuss 1 cleanse concept and commit to a cleanse focus for the week;

  • Explore 1 food shift, 1 habit change and 1 new action;

  • Analyze tools to help you walk back into your work day with a sense of calm and self-care; and

  • Share and build on learnings.

    Session Dates:

    Commit to three Thursday lunch hour educational sessions:

    June 2 | 12-1pm

    June 9 | 12-1pm

    June 16 | 12-1pm


    West Mall Swing Space Room 107 (2175 West Mall)

    Cost: $10/person

    Payable by Cash, JV to KPGK or by cheque to UBC Human Resources.

    6th Floor, 6190 Agronomy Rd, UBC for the attention of Melissa Lafrance. Payment must be received before registration is confirmed. Once payment has been received, participants will receive a confirmation email. Spaces are limited.

    For more information, please email