Pick Your Peak Stair Challenge 2015 - HP162

Happening May 25 - June 19 2015!

What is the Pick Your Peak Stair Challenge?

The Pick Your Peak Stair Challenge is a fun and inclusive way to encourage staff & faculty to take the stairs. Stair climbing is a great way to boost cardiovascular health, build muscle and strengthen the core. And the best part about it? Its FREE!

How to get started!

1. Pick Your Peak

2. Register at www.survey.ubc.ca/s/PickYourPeak/ by May 20

3. Receive your Pick Your Peak registration package

4. Select the peak that you are striving to climb

5. Log your daily flights of stairs

6. Log your weekly totals on the Team Tracking Sheet

7. Climb, climb, climb!

For more information visit:


or email