Learn to Meditate @ DHCC - Orientation & Registration - HP170

This orientation session is a no-cost opportunity to learn more about the Learn to Meditate Four-Week program, and have an opportunity to register for the sessions beginning in late 2015. Come hear the benefits, differences and similarities of meditation and mindfulness, and how it builds your resiliency and reduces stress. The facilitator shares her success in building a weekly class of 190 participants, has a published paper and speaks at conferences about the real-life results this practice brings.

UBC Health, Wellbeing and Benefits recognizes the growing interest from our community in exploring mindfulness meditation practice and its positive impacts to wellbeing. As a unit, we strive to support pathways to increase personal resiliency, self-awareness and stress management for UBC staff and faculty. In encouraging the development of individual strengths and coping strategies, we can build more resilient and healthy, sustainable work environments.

The 4 session Learn To Meditate course in late 2015 is designed for both new and experienced practitioners of mindfulness meditation. It will introduce participants to the basic concepts of meditation and mindfulness techniques and is specifically tuned to the working environment. More information about the Learn to Meditate Four Week program can be found by copying and pasting the following link into your browser:


About the Facilitator:

Wendy Quan is a certified organizational change manager who has created an innovative way to build personal and organizational change resiliency through meditation and mindfulness. Wendy has a published paper on this subject with the worldwide Association of Change Management Professionals, speaks at conferences, and has been interviewed a number of times on her success. Wendy is a leader in the change management community and founded the Vancouver Change Management Practitioners community of practice. Her career has also included management in human resources, organizational development, coaching and information technology. Through her change management experience and successful journey through cancer, Wendy delivers results in a practical, open manner that has broad appeal and evidence-based benefits to all levels and roles in organizations.

For more information contact: melissa.lafrance@ubc.ca