Own your Own Fitness 2015 - HP172

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Own Your Fitness 2015

A 3 part series to to help you make fitness an effortless part of your daily routine!

Join qualified fitness and health professionals in two classroom based workshops and one Fitness Centre Orientation and Introduction to help you demystify fitness and help you get started on the right exercise program that suits your schedule AND your needs.

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Part 1: Determining the Best Mode of Exercise for YOU

Tues Sept 29 2015 @ 12-1pm

Considering a cycling, hiking, walking or running program? Getting started on the right exercise program that suits your schedule AND needs is important. Learn about various types of exercises that are available to build aerobic health and discover how some have greater benefits than others.

Part 2: Maximizing Calories Burned with Interval Training

Tues Oct 6 2015 @ 12-1pm

Limited on time at the workplace? Discover safe and effective ways to maximize your shortened workout with Interval Training.

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About the Facilitator

Sessions 1 and 2 will be delivered by Astrid Weiss, a certified Personal Trainer and a Mobility Specialist who has a desire to work as a Clinical Kinesiologist helping bridge the gap from active rehabilitation to recreation. With her roots in movement analysis and exercise programming for injury prevention and post-rehabilitation fitness, she has been able to help numerous clients achieve success beyond what they thought they were capable of. Astrid is a 4th year UBC Kinesiology student with a passion for health promotion and community health care.

Session 3 will be facilitated by Christina Sequeira, Program Manager at the UBC Bodyworks Fitness Centre.