Healthy Eating: Strategies to Stay Motivated & Overcome Challenges - HP201

Join Dr. Zahra Ezzat-Zadeh, Registered Dietitian and UBC Post-doctoral Fellow, to learn practical tips for overcoming common challenges and motivational tips that will keep you on the wining track to achieve your healthy eating goals.

Gain insight and strategies to set healthy eating goals and behaviours. Learn to recognize potential obstacles that prevent you from achieving your nutritional health goals and ways to work around them.

At the end of this workshop participants will:

  • Be able to plan an action towards healthy eating;

  • Be able to anticipate the challenges of a successful healthy eating habit; and

  • Learn strategies to face challenges and build motivation.

    Facilitator: Dr. Zahra Ezzat-Zadeh earned her MSc in Nutrition, Metabolism and Genetics at University of Calgary and her PhD in Nutrition and Food Sciences at Florida State University. Zahra is a registered dietitian both in United States and Canada with a passion in promoting health and preventing and treating obesity and metabolic related diseases. Her recent research as a postdoc at UBC was focused on early origins of cardio-metabolic diseases and lifestyle interventions that can affect this association throughout the life span. Zahra has a keen interest in translational knowledge that aims to investigate new preventive and therapeutic concepts in the lab and bring them into clinical practice and public education.