Stress & Resilience Series - Part 2: Empathy & Stress - HP226

Join Dr. Thara Vayali in a three-part Stress & Resilience Series to explore the stress response, recognize your stress levels, build resilience, and discover the connection between empathy and stress!

Part 2 of Healthy UBC's Stress & Resilience Series:

This workshop will define empathy and explore the ways empathy shows up in our day-to-day lives, how it can lead to stress, and beneficial ways of expressing empathy to improve wellbeing.

In this session, participants will:

  • Learn to define empathy and discuss ways it shows up in life and situations;

  • Explore the emotional and physiological connection between empathy and stress;

  • Discuss healthy and less healthy ways to express empathy; and

  • Leave with three simple habits that improve empathetic responses.
  • Check out Part 1: Bouncing Forward and Part 3: The Stress Inventory.

    Facilitator: Dr. Thara Vayali is a Naturopathic Doctor & Yoga Teacher in Vancouver and is also a UBC alum. Her focus is on intestinal and immune health, hormones, and pain-free bodies. For more information about Thara visit: