Time Management: Planning, Prioritizing & Productivity - TIME

About this workshop

This workshop provides you with peak performance tips, tools and strategies so you can spend more time working toward your high-value tasks. If you are swamped with emails, requests, tasks, and interruptions, this workshop is for you. In this highly interactive, thought-provoking, enjoyable, skill-building workshop you will learn proven time management techniques and at the same time tune your skills at managing your priorities and achieving your objectives.

Learning Outcomes

  • identify their time type
  • implement strategies to align their activities with their goals
  • optimize their productivity and decrease their stress
  • put into practice a laser-like focus on their priorities
  • identify obstacles that get in their way
  • be more effective in handling interruptions
  • recognize time-saving email tips
  • distinguish between being busy and being productive
  • identify how they sabotage their goals
  • share tools and technology to help manage their time more effectively
  • determine what they get by procrastinating and how to conquer procrastination
  • apply a practical new mindset and toolset develop a specific Plan of Action to implement immediately


This session is designed for all UBC employees, not matter what department, position, or work experience, who want to adopt peak performance time management tools in order to spend their time working toward their high-value tasks. As a result of this workshop, participants will have learned new tools they can implement immediately to decrease their work stress while increasing their level of satisfaction, happiness and productivity at working.

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About the facilitator

Joyanne Landers Joyanne has helped employees in organizations across Canada to create shifts in the way they relate to their work, their colleagues, and their clients. Her clients include a diverse range of public and private sector organizations, including high-tech, financial services, government, and post secondary institutions. Joyanne has facilitated workshops at UBC for over fifteen years. She has developed an approach which facilitates participants moving beyond their habitual patterns to develop new practical strategies they can implement immediately. Joyanne combines her skills at moving individuals forward with her warm, personable, non-judgmental approach. As an organizational development consultant, leadership coach and facilitator, Joyanne delivers highly interactive, inspiring, behavior changing learning experiences. Joyanne holds a Master of Education degree.

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