Writing Professional Minutes - WPM

About this Workshop

Effective, professional minute takers understand how to write action-oriented minutes that meet their readers needs. This Writing Professional Minutes workshop will help you write minutes that are clear, concise and accurately reflect the important components of a meeting. It will also increase your awareness of your role as minute taker and the importance of accurate minutes.

Who Should Attend

This half-day workshop is designed for individuals who have little experience with recording and transcribing minutes during meetings on boards and working committees. It will also be of interest to individuals who are called upon to fill the role of "acting minute recorder."

What Participants Will Learn

By attending Writing Professional Minutes you will learn to:

  • Identify your role as minute takers
  • Take effective notes during a meeting
  • Determine what information should be included in your minutes
  • Design helpful templates for both formal and informal meeting minutes
  • Write minutes for formal and informal meetings by focusing on action items
  • Identify and handle common problems or obstacles to writing clear minutes
  • Finalize and distribute timely minutes.

About the Facilitator

Alexandra Richmond has been working in the field education for the past 25 years. She has a masters degree in Education, a masters degree in International Marketing Communications; and is currently the chair of Applied Communications at Kwantlen Polytechnic University.

*Depending on which UBC employee group you belong to, you may be eligible to access one of several professional development funding programs for this workshop. For information about the UBC PD funding programs, including guidelines and application procedures, please click here

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