Ergo Chair Fit - ER005

Please note that attending a chair fit session does not necessarily mean that your department will purchase a chair for you. Please talk to your manager before booking a chair fit session.

The Ergonomics Program has 13 different chairs that staff and faculty can test in order to give them a better idea of which chair will fit prior to purchase. An Ergonomics team member will give participants information about the chairs, how to adjust them and where they can be purchased from. Ergonomic chairs typically range in price from $550 to $750+.

Purchasing decisions are made by the department. You and/or your department will need to contact the vendor for a quote and pricing options.

Sessions are 15 minutes and depending on room availability, you may be able to stay and test chairs for up to an hour.

The sessions will take place in Room 604 on the 6th floor of TEF3 (6190 Agronomy Rd).