Effective Communication at Work - HP205

This session is taking place at the Diamond Health Care Centre/VGH.

In order to communicate effectively, individuals have to master the techniques of effective listening and self-expression. These skills involve verbal and non-verbal behaviours as well as the ability to speak with persuasion and confidence.

This session will look at both of these essential sides of the communication equation. It will address key communication elements such as active listening and show participants how to present messages in a way that is more compatible with the receiver's style.

The facilitator of the session will be provided by UBC's Employee and Family Assistance Program provider, Shepell. This free workshop is available to all UBC staff and faculty.

By the end of the session, you will be able to:

  • Understand the three major communication styles;
  • Develop techniques to communicate assertively;
  • Speak effectively when conversing about conflict; and
  • Recognize the barriers that can get in the way of listening.