CliftonStrengths® Discovery: Your Unique Strengths and Strategies for Your Success - CSD

About this workshop

Living your best life begins when you apply your unique talents. This course will change the way you work and will influence the rest of your life. You will learn how to identify what you do best and how to maximize your potential by using your CliftonStrengths .

Join us in this workshop which uses the CliftonStrengths assessment tool and enhances participant understanding of the full potential of these strengths.

Learning Outcomes

During this course, participants will get new strategies to help them apply their talents to increase their effectiveness in their work and life. During this course, participants will:

  • Discover how to make a difference by doing more of what they naturally do best

  • Acquire tools and insights that will help them apply their strengths to achieve greater productivity, engagement and happiness

  • Understand how all of their CliftonStrengths themes, separately or together, influence their work and personal life

  • Develop strategies to help them use their strongest CliftonStrengths to accomplish specific targets, goals and aspirations, and to

  • think about how they can combine their talents with others to achieve greater success


    This program is for individuals who want to reach their full potential by using their natural talents. Participants will learn how to focus on and invest in their dominant talents through integration into their daily activities.

    Additional Information

    The cost of the CliftonStrengths assessment and personalized course materials are included in the course fee. Each participant will be sent a link to the CliftonStrengths assessment once the workshop payment has been made. **The assessment must be completed within five business days of receiving the link**.

    This workshop has similar content to the previous workshop "In-Powering: Making Sense of your Talents and Strengths"

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    About the facilitator

    Lisa Frost MA, is a Gallop Strengths© Certified Coach and Trainer. She is also the Manager, Workplace Learning and Engagement, at UBC's Okanagan campus, in Kelowna BC. At work and in her personal life, Lisa enjoys working with others and guiding them to uncover their strongest and best selves. When she isn't working, she can be followed on Instagram, sharing pictures from around the world, or cycling around town. In every aspect of her life, she taps into her strengths; Connectedness, Input, intellection, Strategic and Learner, to help you to discover and make sense of what your unique talents are and how to continue to develop those talents to live your best life.

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