Discovering Personal Effectiveness - DPE

About this workshop

Self-awareness is at the heart of professional growth and development. By understanding ourselves, we are able to better connect with others, create meaningful relationships at work, improve our personal leadership and be more effective in our communications.

Based on the work of psychologist Carl Jung, the Insights Discovery Personal Profile provides individuals with a detailed understanding of their personal style, how their style impacts their relationships with others, how they can improve their communications and interactions with others, areas of strengths, possible blind spots and suggestions for development.

This experiential workshop provides participants with a language and framework to better understand themselves, understand others and adapting and connecting to enhance communication.

This workshop focuses on strengths - strengths used easily, and strengths in development.

Learning Outcomes

  • Increase personal effectiveness and self-awareness
  • Understand the impact one's personal style has on others
  • Build stronger connections and partnerships with others both professionally and personally
  • Identify and communicate one's value to the team
  • Determine opportunities for future professional development

  • Audience

    This session is designed for anyone who wants to better understand themselves, understand others and transform their ability to connect and communicate with others.

    Professional Development

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    About the facilitator

    Julie Jenkins, Organizational Development and Learning Consultant, Human Resources Nothing gets Julie more excited than igniting potential in others. With a Master of Arts degree in Organizational Psychology, Julie works with individuals, teams and organizations to elevate people excellence. With a focus on strengths and asset-based approaches, Julie approaches all her work with curiosity and authenticity. In addition to her organizational development work, Julie is a designated Leadership Coach and a Certified Insights Discovery Practitioner.

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