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2019-12-04 2019-12-17 CUPE 116(Service/Techs/Trades) 32427 Dental Assistant 3 Dental Clinic ... This position will assist faculty members and graduate students at chair side. 2019-12-04 2019-12-19 CUPE 116(Auxil.Serv/Trades) 35972 Dental Assistant 2 Dental Clinic ... This position is one of support to facilitate the operation of the dental school. It will involve chairside assisting, but also sterilization and preparation of instruments and supplies for over 100 dental students. 2019-12-07 2019-12-19 CUPE 116(Service/Techs/Trades) 35183 Dental Assistant 3 Oral Health Sciences ... This position will assist faculty members and students at chair side in the Geriatric Dentistry Program. It would involve working in the Central Sterilization area. As well, delivering dental supplies, patient records and equipment to GDP long term care facilities using the faculty van. 2019-12-13 2019-12-19 CUPE 116(Service/Techs/Trades) 36264 Research Assistant Oral Biological & Medical Sci ... The Research Assistant will work with Drs. Leeann Donnelly, Eva Oberle, and Ruth Elwood-Martin from UBC and Ms. Shawn Bayes from the Elizabeth Fry Society of Greater Vancouver (EFry). The project will use a community-based participatory research (CBPR) framework that will, over a 3-year period, explore how the training and employment of peer support staff (who work alongside fully trained Growing Great Kids facilitators) enhance the program. The incumbent will work closely with the Principal I