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2017-12-21 2018-01-22 Management&Professional (AAPS) 28555 Co-op Coordinator Forestry, Dean's Office ... The Faculty of Forestry has 884 undergraduate students registered 2013/14 and 140 of them have opted in the co-op program. In terms of faculty funding, the co-op portion has increased by 29% in 14/15. The Co-op coordinator develops, manages, and promotes the Forestry Co-op programs to new and existing local, national and international employers, professional associations and other institutions (South Africa, Australia, Finland, Germany, Chile, Columbia and India). This position also coaches, 2017-12-21 2018-01-22 Management&Professional (AAPS) 28124 Research Coordinator, Asia Forest Research Centre Forestry, Dean's Office ... The Research Coordinator will be involved in the research projects organized by the Asia Forest Research Centre, Faculty of Forestry, UBC. The position will act as the coordinator/project manager for various research projects and provide instruction in non-credit courses in China. 2018-01-22 2018-02-08 Management&Professional (AAPS) 28237 Industry Liaison/Special Projects Manager Department of Wood Science ... Responsible for the day-to-day coordination and management of major curriculum development and training projects at CAWP, as well as planning, development, assessment and delivery of a diverse range of industry educational and outreach activities. Coordinates and conducts marketing and promotion for continuing education and training programs. Leads skills development projects for industry clients, instructs some training and education programs.